Monday, June 27, 2011

Does the Great Cthulu have to spell it out for you silly humans?

i really thought you would have figured this out already. i have been watching you silly humans for a few eons or so and you still amaze me at your simple minds...

most of you silly humans still think that time is one dimentional, that time starts at one point and goes forever in one direction to infinity. this is absolutely incorrect. time is two dimensional. time can also be "up" or "down" much like a frequency. the closer to a heavy gravitational object is, the lower the frequency of time and time moves slower. further away from heavy gravitational objects, time is "up" and time moves faster. so things like a black hole are so heavy gravitationally that time is pulled all the way to stop by the singularity...

oh, and there is no santa claus... just saying

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