Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cthulu's guide to moving. part 1

A very crazy idol worshiper provided some pics to aid in an easy guide to moving an art display/lrg collection/cthulu collection/MiMP what ever.
Cthulu is very pleased with this particular cultist's collection :)

These are some great idols of... myself.
yours insanely,
Elder God Cthulu  ( ,,, )

* photograph before breaking down.
* pack over carefully. think lots of bubble wrap.
* plan how you will fit stuff in boxes. i have been using the flip top shipping crates for
       years, will switch to cardboard when i run out.
* LABEL!!! label well. don't have to worry later what box something is in. i use post its,
       sharpie and packing tape, tape it to the lids. if you want to do a full inventory for the
            truly anal retentive
* think positive thoughts. it will get better

 my better side!

beautiful L.designs figures. amazing work.

if you don't laugh at this one, you suck!

i guess the pirate is stoneyface ;)

this oregon brewery bottle glows in the dark.

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